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Brand Story

The core of brand Ahalya is its emphasis on the contemporary; as is its reverence for the wearer, her identity, and her context. Created with a desire and a singular vision to design and showcase jewellery that is steeped in this philosophy, Ahalya Jewellery is a classic-contemporary brand that treats the idea of precious from its wearer’s point of view. In its range, the brand designs jewellery that spans the world of all things precious - gold, diamonds and a slew of stones that are exclusive in their form and feel. But it is really in their interpretation that the jewellery acquires for itself a distinct character and flavour of its own. 

Its creator, Ahalya S, brings on board her unique articulation towards design that combines her characteristic personality which is a celebration of our roots and their relevance in the world that we live in. As a result, the jewellery traverses an eclectic range wherein metals and stones mix freely to form creations that find significant meaning in the life of their wearer.

An integral component of brand Ahalya is Ahalya Bespoke, that enables the possibility of women to participate in a collaborative process that empowers them to fashion for themselves jewellery that is personal and exclusive at the same time. Under the umbrella of Ahalya Bespoke, women have the opportunity to create for themselves a jewellery portfolio of their own; wherein they re-visit and re-strategise their existing jewellery to re-envision it in a manner that is ideal for the woman who lives in the now. After all, like Ahalya S says, “What you wear, is who you are.”

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